THERMO-LUN technology
Wall cavity insulation by applying the Danish Firm THERMO-LUN technology

About 50 percent of the heat in a house is lost through a hollow wall cavity and poor heat resistance of the wall. After additional insulation of the walls, the total heat losses of the building may be reduced to 30 percent.

External insulation is effective only if a hollow air-gap is absent in the walls, since the warmed up air rises to the top and through various small leaks in the attic takes out heat. The house loses an insignificant part of heat through the external part of the wall. Therefore in the presence of a hollow wall cavity it is not efficient to insulate the walls from outside. The more so that the method of external heating is by 4 times more expensive that the one we propose.

The effective method of external insulation of houses is filling wall cavity with the porous thermoinsulation material, aminoplast. In Lithuania it bears the patented name "Mipora". A double effect is achieved: ventilation between the walls is stopped, and heat resistance of the wall gets increased.

Aminoplast foam is an excellent means for insulation of old buildings with wall cavity of 2 cm and more being left in the walls or heat insulation of which became thinned out or decayed. "Mipora" is also good for insulating walls of wooden masoned round houses, since it allows wood to “breathe”. During the insulation of a house, wall construction and finishing is left intact, since "Mipora" is sprayed through holes of 16 - 18 mm, which were drilled in the stone wall seams. Home insulation with thermofoam, with the application of thermo-lun technology, complies with all requirements, necessary for new and renovated houses.

"Mipora" is penetrating, blowing it under the pressure of two atmospheres into a wall cavity – all hollows are filled. "Mipora" when hardening does not expand and does not destroy the wall.

We perform the supervision of works and technical control of equipment.

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